Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Alabama Death Penalty

Sunday, March 04, 2007


This video was made by one of the more talented artists in St. Louis. His name is Ryan Frank. This thing is disturbing and weird and pretty fuckin' funny. Check it out:

Here is the movie he made that caused me to take notice of the guy's talents in the first place. It's an awesome little film called "The Tumor and Me." It won raves at the St. Louis Film Festival, which is not quite Sundance, but bigger than anything in, say, Wyoming. Check it out:

If you have a second, you really should check out Ryan's myspace page. It's filled with awesome art created by the man himself. Check it out here!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cameron's Jesus a Titanic Fraud

(Originally published on The Rec )

Strap yourselves in, kids. It looks like we're in for the first huge firestorm of the year.

James Cameron, who recently announced his new science fiction film "Avatar" will arrive in theaters in May of 2009, has suddenly decided to jeopardize the film with a publicity stunt of titanic proportions.

He claims to have found the body of Jesus.

Time Magazine is running a story that describes what Cameron plans to show the world at a Monday press conference: the coffins of Jesus, his mother Mary, and Mary Magdelene.

Wooooo, boy. How long before one of the God-fearin' Christians puts a bullet of Love in his head?

A 90-minute documentary will air on several stations around the world, including the Discovery Channel, which will lay out the evidence that not only was Jesus not resurrected from his grave, but that he also sired a son with Mary Magdelene. Here is an excerpt from that report about the discovery:

Let's go back 27 years, when Israeli construction workers were gouging out the foundations for a new building in the industrial park in the Talpiyot, a Jerusalem suburb. of Jerusalem. The earth gave way, revealing a 2,000 year old cave with 10 stone caskets. Archologists were summoned, and the stone caskets carted away for examination. It took 20 years for experts to decipher the names on the ten tombs. They were: Jesua, son of Joseph, Mary, Mary, Mathew, Jofa and Judah, son of Jesua.

This is going to cause a huge controversy, the likes of which we have not seen in some time. Cameron would be better off getting into the director's chair and trying to keep his ego-fueled mouth shut. Something like this will get you killed in the red states, and probably in the blue, too.

Meanwhile, no word from Mel Gibson on his thoughts about this discovery. No doubt he is sharpening the points on his mace even as we speak.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

HIV Does Not Cause AIDS

Alright ... it saddened me that many of you chose not to watch that video about the hideous, behind-the-scenes dealings of the American government. But hopefully you will read this ...

An amazing trial is going on currently in Australia over whether HIV is the cause of AIDS. This lawsuit, initiated by the Perth group, a conglomeration of scientists who question the HIV=AIDS hypothesis. Called to the stand in the last week is the fucktard who started this mess back in 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo.

I am going to give you the entire email I received, which details the trial:

HIV on Trial in Australia:Court Weighs Evidence for Claims of Isolation, Transmission and Testing

A motion for appeal in a criminal hearing in Adelaide, Australia has become thefocus of international attention as fundamental claims by orthodox AIDSresearchers -- including the infamous Dr Robert Gallo -- come under vigorouscross-examination by an attorney demanding scientific evidence that the virusexists. Top AIDS industry spokespersons from around the world have appeared inperson or by satellite in Adelaide to defend the HIV hypothesis against chargesby a local team of scientific and medical experts known as "The Perth Group"( <> ) who asserts thattwo decades of AIDS research have failed to produce a purified isolate of HIV,validation of the accuracy so-called HIV tests, or proof that HIV is transmittedthrough bodily fluids.

Below are two news articles about the legal proceedings. Other information aboutthe trial and actual transcripts of testimony can be found at<> /index.php

For this week's testimony by alleged HIV discoverer Dr Robert Gallo, go directly to

Michael Geiger, a close observer of the events in Adelaide, reports being"stunned and amazed" by Gallo's statements to the court. Geiger says, "It'sdifficult to tell if Gallo was defending HIV or if his testimony is a publicadmission of guilt."

Geiger urges transcript readers to note:

- Page 1294 where Gallo agrees that he found evidence of HIV in only 40% of theAIDS patients in his original study, and that 40% is not enough to prove HIV isthe cause of AIDS:

Attorney to Gallo: "You had 48 out of 119, or 40%?

Gallo: "I agree"

Attorney: "Do you agree that the isolation of HIV from only 40% of patients isnot proof that HIV causes AIDS?"

Gallo: "I would say of course, in and of itself, 40% isolation of a new virus, Iwould not say is the cause."

- Page 1"00 where Gallo admits to finding low percentages of HIV positivity inpeople with AIDS symptoms:

Attorney: "For adults with KS, 30%; for adultswith AIDS opportunistic infections47%. Do you accept your figures?"

Gallo: "I accept the figures."

- Page 1317 where Gallo acknowledges finding no HIV in KS lesions or in T cells,and testimony on page 1318 in which Gallo admits that "viral load" tests cannotbe used to prove infection with a virus.

The language in news articles covering the Adelaide trial speaks loudly andclearly of media prejudice in AIDS reporting. In the first of the two pieces that follow, medical and scientific experts challenging the notion that HIV has been isolated according to proper, scientific standards are branded "anorganized group of HIV deniers" and lack official titles such as MD, while thosebeing called by the court to produce evidence are referred to as "experts" withrepeated references to their professional credentials.

The obvious bent of Australian coverage is at least one step up from the USmedia response: Not a single story on the uproar from down under has appeared in American news.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

America the Inscrutable - Part 2

Wooooooo, boy. This makes me quite uncomfortable.

Time to leave the country, methinks.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Norbit's On Top ... And Bottom

(This article was originally published at

“Norbit,” the latest “comedy” featuring Eddie Murphy’s schizophrenic, make-up aided talents, managed to consume $33 million dollars over the weekend. This means that roughly four million people used their movie choice to declare their complete and utter stupidity.

Of course, nobody watching the trends in film doubted that “Norbit” would hit big. Despite horrendous reviews, a 9% approval rating on, and curiously unfunny trailers, this film would succeed.

The burning question - WHY do films like this succeed? - leads one to an examination of the racial differences still lingering in this country. In addition to “Norbit,” we have had two “Big Momma’s House” movies, a succession of “Madea” incarnations, and countless other variations on the guy dressed up like a loud, fat black woman. Additionally, the “Scary Movie” films and all of their variants (the latest, “Epic Movie,” is out right now) have a strong ethnic background. Invariably, all of these films concentrate on grotesque, over-the-top caricatures, fart noises, bowel movements, tits and ass, and kicks to the groin.

These films are primarily black-oriented, made by black entertainers and supported by primarily black audiences. Why?

A racist might have his own and very wrong answer to that question. But are these films symptomatic of a system of education that has for years failed black culture? Surely, stupid movies have been made by white people - Jerry Lewis instantly springs to mind - but even those films have some point to make, or exhibit some sense of structure or intelligence. Films like “Norbit” exist solely on the premise that an obese, loud-mouthed, domineering black woman is inherently funny. By extention, then, that same fat black chick ripping a wet fart must be gut-clenchingly hilarious. And then, of course, you want to die laughing when it happens 200 more times.

Before I am called out as a racist, I would like to point out that many of these films I mention here contain some of the worst kinds of racist stereotyping; ask an Oriental person if they love watching Eddie Murphy do a “ching-ching-chong” rendition of a Chinese man in his new movie. Occasionally these films also play on black stereotypes, which is the same kind of hypocritical pass as black people calling each other “nigger.” No, changing it to “nigga” doesn’t make it better.

There must be some flashpoint in American culture that makes black people in this country create and flock to the dumbest, crudest, most humiliating forms of entertainment. Rap music is either pointlessly, ceaselessly violent or graphically sexual. Black-oriented movies are either brutal or a succession of fart jokes.

Whenever I see these films in theaters, I wonder about the dumbing down of culture, the dumbing down of our children; white kids too, but primarily the black kids. More and more I agree with Bill Cosby, who told black kids everywhere that if they want something in life, they need to educate themselves and carry themselves as responsible, respectable members of society. Cosby’s message, which is completely true, has unfortunately been lost amidst the farts of a fat black chick.

How sad.


Friday, February 09, 2007

The Website

Alright, kiddies ... the bones in my right hand are nearly healed, and the website I mentioned in my last post (fuck, a WEEK ago ... I have been a bad, bad blogger) is finished and has successfully endured several days of testing.

It can be found right HERE.

"The Rec" was a radio show put together by myself and two friends of mine - Chris and Eric -back in 2002. At that time the show focused solely on music, and was designed as a show that would encompass all forms of music. During the show's run, we played rock, pop, country, classical, TV and movies themes, experimental, and everything in between.

The show was on the internet at the dawn of podcasting, and it was being shopped to various local radio stations here in St. Louis when we broke up over an on-air fight between Chris and Eric.

We didn't speak to each other for a year.

Then, a local documentarian was putting together a film about the internet's role in the democratization of media, and he wanted to put our show into the movie. So we grudgingly came back together for a series of interviews, which led to a filmed live show, which has led to the reformation of the show.

And now this.

The internet definitely DOES NOT need another media site, but this one will definitely have a different attitude. We don't have audio/video casting up and running just yet due to scheduling problems, but that will be very soon. In the meantime, the site will start running features in all phases of entertainment.

I mainly tell you guys this because I told you I was trying to build a website - my first one ever - and I am kinda happy that I managed to do it. The whole process took a lot out of me, since I don't know what the fuck I am doing.

Anyway, have a looksee, and let me know what you think, or if there are any improvements to be made to the site.

As for this blog, I will now return to it full force. Even though I will be writing many articles for the new site, much of what goes through my mind won't fit that site's format, so it'll go here :) I apologize for abandoning you guys so much of the last month.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!!

Oh, and I guess I will need to turn on filters, since the medical supply guys are spamming me. Does that actually WORK?? Who clicks on that shit???

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Filthy-Ass, Racist White Chick

Rumors of my demise are premature. I broke my hand, and I have also been swamped with the creation of a website. It's been a little crazy.

However, I wanted to share my love of Sarah Silverman. Damn this chick is funny. This is from her new show on Comedy Central...


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dirty Ebay

The above picture of this table was posted on Ebay. Yet, despite the beautiful arrangement, the person posting it is not a woman, but a man.

How can we tell?

Answer coming in two days.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Light Of Reason

HIV does not cause AIDS. Watch this:

Go to Alive and Well for more information.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I write because I have an actual love of the practice. I have a degree in English, much to my father's dismay, because I love the language. Writing for me takes many forms; I write scripts, I have a couple of novels on the backburner (who doesn't?), and I sometimes write poetry (again, who doesn't?). Blogging has, for me, been a nice diversion; a way to write compact mini-essays about the world around me. It's like a diary, except in expanded form.

I also enjoy reading and commenting on the blogs of others. Commenting becomes an extension of the piece; sometimes details are fleshed out, and other times a brand new topic arises from the comments of others. I view it as part of my responsibility to make sure that the voices of others are heard by me, to encourage them to continue to write so that they can have the same enjoyment I receive.

However, the thing that confuses me are those pathetic, worm-like infantessimal pricks out there whose sole contribution is to jump onto blogs and make ridiculous and usually inflammatory comments. They usually do not have a blog of their own - they wouldn't want to expose themselves to retaliation - and it is quite doubtful that they have any meaningful and unique thoughts of their own anyway.

Do these people have nothing better to do in their miserable lives than spend a Saturday night cowering anonymously on the internet like a shriveled, impotent cock and disparaging the work of others? What pathetic and insecure mentality needs such sad gratification?

I am very grateful to have met many of you; I am constantly surprised at the genius I see in many posts and comments. But to the trolls out there, crying desperately for attention, I recommend that you find a therapist, a girlfriend/boyfriend, a friend, or a gun.

Life's too damn short for the likes of you.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Is this really true? CNN reports that George Bush (a.k.a. Satan the Devil) intends to send 21,000 more troops into Iraq.

He has a remarkable power of denial, does he not? It might even be admirable, if he wasn't the personification of evil on Earth.

Let's see... every country on the planet wants the United States to pull out of Iraq ... a huge percentage of Americans want the United States to pull out of Iraq ... Congress wants the United States to pull out of Iraq.

So the answer seems obvious to everyone, except to the dumbest human being who is able to breathe on his own. You know, the idiot who (somehow) happens to be the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth?

I am shocked, not only by the blatant disregard Bush has for the will of the people for whom he works, but also by the fact that nobody, American or foreign, hasn't blown the head off of this fucking shitstick. I mean, someone shot the Pope just for blessing people, and Hinkley shot Ronald Reagan simply because he liked Jodie Foster. You would think that someone like Bush, someone so thoroughly evil and corrupt, would have attracted a few people armed with a gun or nuclear warhead.

According to the article, those 21.000 will be deployed next week. Let the carnage begin.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Blessing of "Children" - A Review

This might end up as the shortest movie review ever, and certainly the shortest anything to ever come from a billowing windbag like myself.

Some things need no words. In short, “Children of Men” is brilliant.

The film, a devastating look into the near-future collapse and extinction of the human race, is seared onto the screen with unflinching bravura by director Alfonso Cuaron. Endless adjectives could feebly attempt to describe his techniques in this film, and fail utterly; suffice it to say that a better directing job has not been seen in theaters in years, if not decades. Two sequences in particular will be required study by film students from now on. Absolutely stunning.

Briefly, the film presents a glimpse into a future in which women are infertile, and the human race nears extinction. Society collapses. Then, a girl named Kee is found pregnant, and it becomes the duty of an office worker named Theodore (Clive Owen) to ensure her safe passage through the war-torn land and into the hands of doctors who can save her child, and humanity.

The performances are completely real. Owen shines as a man numbed by the world around him. Julianne Moore, as Theodore’s ex-wife, has a small but grounded turn. And Michael Caine nearly steals the film in the role of Thoedore’s best friend, a pot-smoking philosopher.

The world Cuaron creates is totally submersive; you are surrounded on all sides by decay, grime, hatred, and shocking violence. The special effects integrate perfectly into the hand-held shots, and some of the long, long takes in this film are so incredible in both their immediacy and technical complexity that I can scarcely believe that he pulled it off. As simply a technical exercise, “Children of Men” is a landmark achievement.

Without a doubt, “Children of Men” is the best film I have seen in several years. A remarkable, towering cinematic experience.

Friday, January 05, 2007

To The Hilton

For the latest movie news, including my recent feature about "Godzilla," go to Obsessed With Film!

Lately I have found myself wandering over to Perez Hilton to gawk at the tawdry, unseemly gossip, rumor, and innuendo that oozes gloriously through every pinkly-glowing pore on the site. Actually, in all honesty, I go there every single day, and no amount of bathing or counseling can make the shame peel away.

Perez Hilton is one of the true success stories in the blogging world; his site averages nearly four million hits A DAY. He built this massive promotional and money-making machine over the course of one year while sitting in a coffee shop because he couldn't afford internet in his apartment. The VERY openly gay and pudgy Perez, through snarky antics and tireless work, made himself such a success that his Frankenberry face showed up as host of MTV's New Year's Eve telecast. Amazing.

I drew all over that picture of Perez because that is what he's famous for: drawing cum and/or cocaine in the mouths and nostrils of celebrities, especially those in the closet, like Wentworth Miller. Take this, for example:
While I do find much humor in what the guy does, the public outing of celebrities is unacceptable. As a gay man himself, Hilton should know better than to publicly harass and out famous people who are obviously not comfortable with melding their sexuality and their professional lives.

Hilton has made a good living out of trashing our celebrity trash, and I have become one of the addicted masses. Like heroin or McDonald's, Perez Hilton is a habit, and one that I will probably shamefully crave until the day it kills me.

I hate myself.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

King of the Dipshits

The following article can also be found on the best movie website on the internets, Obsessed With Film. Check it out!!

I must be some sort of idiot; I never cared much for Stephen King.

Not as a person, mind you - I’m sure he’s nice, even though he’s got that creepy, “guess what I’ve got buried behind the shed” vibe to him. But as a writer, he leaves much to be desired.

Yeah, I realize the guy’s made more money than several countries put together, and his novels have razed enough forests to put them just behind cars as the most dangerous threat to the environment. That doesn’t mean that he should clear a space on a shelf for any major literary awards; he has made a lucrative career out of pandering to the lowest denominations of readers, and then selling his repetitive, hack-stained plots to Hollywood.

The reason for my rant on Stephen King arises from the top 10 movies of the year he posted on Entertainment Weekly. There, at number 6, is “The Illusionist.” I wasn’t too kind to the Edward Norton magician drama in my review. But that’s not the problem. The thing that spins my canteloupe is how King states that he was “compelled … back into the theater at once to see how (he) had been tricked.”


Folks, “The Illusionist” contains a “twist” so absolutely cliched and obvious that the film could have starred Lillian Gish and Buster Keaton, silent without subtitles, and it could have been deciphered. By a fetus.

Why this shocks me is the real mystery. The entire catalogue of King novels can be broken down into two basic formulas:

(Writer) + (lives in Massacheusetts) + (attack by non-living object) = BLOCKBUSTER

- or -

(Writer or writer as kid) + (strange power) + (a past experience) = BLOCKBUSTER

King cranks out about 20 of these babies every year to keep the ol’ factories a-hummin’. Perhaps the guy is so immersed in his slop-tossin’ schlockfests that he rarely sees movies, which might explain how he missed the blatant, simple-minded machinations of “The Illusionist.” Maybe he fell asleep, missing the vital clues which underlined the single and only “twist” of the film. Or maybe he had a disastrously-timed mini-stroke as a result of the crash a few years ago, rendering him unable to grasp simple logic for the running time of the film.

All good possibilities. Me? I simply think he’s just as dumb as his readers.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Baghdad Burning

My friend ryk over at Abandon Mythology has a pointed blog entry about the inconvenient "situation" in Iraq.

Click here to read the whole story

He directs us to a blog written by a woman living in Baghdad and sees the atrocities firsthand. She could probably use encouragement, so go to Baghdad Burning and give her some! Just don't tell Bush about her blog ... he'd probably love to launch a missile at her computer, just for the hell of it.

Don't forget to become Obsessed With Film!

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sorry 'Bout That

Hey everybody!! Sorry about the week off ... it's been a little crazy. I can't wait to catch up on your blog and write really nasty things in response :)

I love movie websites. They're usually run by geeks who love movies as much as I do, and they are usually the true barometer of audience reaction to a film. So often I find myself nodding in agreement with their criticisms of a film, much more so than Roger Ebert's fat ass.

Well, now I am part of the movie machinery. I have been accepted as a feature writer for my very favorite movie website,

If you love movies at all, this website, the only thing to come out of Britain since Elton John's wedding night, is chock full of great stories and personal insights. I recommend it highly.

Click here to become Obsessed With Film!

And dammit, tell all of your friends to go there, too!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

The Donald

Donald Trump is a digusting, slimy weasel. He would slice a live puppy open with a nail file and rip its heart out with his teeth if he thought it would make him ten bucks. But I gotta tell ya, he sure is funny when he's pissed.

Here he is, ripping on Rosie O'Donnell:

I agree with Trump.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Harry Potter and ?

Well, in just a few short months, the very last Harry Potter book will be upon us. J.K. Rowling is a fucking genius - this woman was writing the first book in LONG HAND on yellow legal pads at the laundromat - and now she is the Oprah of publishing. The profits from this last book will allow her to buy her own half of the planet. My hope: she buys America and fires Bush.

Here is a video clip, which shows how to unlock the website. The end of it reveals the very last book's secret title.

Whaddaya think?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Add Boiling Water

Tampopo, a video performance band from France, has a video for a bizarre industrial dance song called "Add Boiling Water."

In an age when music videos have degenerated from a potential art form to pointless, non-entertaining trash, this video will rock you to the core.

There is no way to embed this perfect thing in Blogger, so go here and be amazed.

Go here for free counters, bitches